Being talented is Not Enough to make you money. Neither is having just a great idea.

Yet most make the mistake of avoiding or judging marketing their stuff. They try to do it on their own without knowing the right way. Or they avoid it because they misunderstand it and think its too hard or unethical.

That's why No Money Gets Made.

Until We NO LONGER need money - You Need it NOW! You have a Destiny to Fulfill. A Purpose to Live. 

We Need You Doing It Without Struggling Financially.

The Spiritual Business Model teaches holistic practitioners, healers, artists + performers, bodyworkers, coaches….how to make money while helping others through their products and services.
In my Free Audio Training Program, You'll Learn:

  • The #1 Successful Approach to Building a Thriving Business from Your Talents
  • The Key Ingredient to Attracting Ideal High Paying Clients + Customers
  • How to Avoid The Biggest Mistake Most Make when they first start out that cost them time, money and potential clients
  • How to start attracting more clients in your current business right now

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"I came to TBird for support in marketing my holistic bodywork practice, believing that I'm skilled in my craft, but not so innately gifted at self-promotion. I'm amazed at the safety I feel in each session to honestly address my limitations and then confidently move beyond them. Not only am I addressing my need for sincere, authentic marketing, but I'm expanding into offering even greater service to my clients than before! TBird gives truly inspired support, the benefits of which ripple out through everyone she works with. Thank you! - Emily Liolin Bodyworker & Herbalist